A lot of people talk about Mission and Principles.
We not only have them, we actually follow them.

Our Principles

When in doubt, we apply our Operating Principles:

  • Integrity – We are who we say we are; we do what we say we’re going to do; you get what you expect with no surprises.
  • Fun – Life is better when you’re having fun. If you like to laugh, we’ll enjoy working together.
  • Wisdom – Wisdom is knowing what you don’t know. We work with your brain to create the best solutions for your needs.
  • Enthusiasm – It’s easy to be enthusiastic when you do what you love. We love helping people create intention and fulfillment in their lives.
  • Generosity – We believe you get what you give, so we strive to be generous in all our business dealings. We also donate a generous percentage of our revenues to local charities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help successful leaders, managers, and businesspeople pursue lives of intention and fulfillment.

We do this by working with local, national, and select international clients to help them identify, balance, and work toward truly meaningful work and life goals.

Our company name

What’s with the Name?

The name Response-Able Consulting reflects the idea that no matter what happens to us in life — we are Able to choose our Response. By owning that reality and by doing that effectively, we are responsible or response-able

Mind you, we can’t control WHAT happens to us. We can’t even control our brain’s own auto-response mechanism. We can—if we choose to—control HOW WE RESPOND to what happens to us. Big difference.

If you’re going to choose, why not make a more deliberate, intentional, meaningful choice?

What is Intention?

Intention has to do with setting a vision, a focus, or a goal and making conscious deliberate decisions that lead you closer to that goal.

Are you making decisions that generate the results you want? If not, what kind of life are you creating? Is it all work and no play? Are you successful but not happy? Is your life serving as an example or as a warning to others?

Make a decision to live deliberately, intentionally. Be response-able.

Call us today and start building your legacy.