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Nuanced leadership

I often think managing people is not THAT hard. Then again, anytime you involve one more person in anything, it gets a little (or a lot) more complicated. Trust me. I’m one of seven siblings (not to mention that first wife). But I really do believe managing people is not that hard. It’s just not […]

Our own worst enemy…

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to best help leaders develop their teams since I’ve been focused on this work for the past ten years. What stands out for me is the ease with which we create “social threat” for others (you can also call this dis-stress). Just the nature of your role as […]

2010 Spring

Response-Able Consulting LLC          NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER Coaching for Work | Business | Life                                            Spring 2010 What’s News… :: Coach’s Corner: Pushing Past Obstacles :: Ask the Coach: Matching Work + Passion :: In the Professional Spotlight: Health Care Help! :: Quotes On…Perseverance   Spring has indeed sprung and there have been tremendous challenges in my work and life in the […]

2009 Winter Newsletter

  Response-Able Consulting LLC                                     NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER Coaching for Work | Business | Life                                                     Winter 2009 What’s News… :: Coach’s Corner :: Ask the Coach! :: In the Professional Spotlight :: Quotes On…  Dear Paul,   Welcome to the Winter 2009 NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER.    Can you believe it’s 2010?!? I can’t. But I believe this will be a year of firsts: first year of […]

2009 Fall Newsletter

Response-Able Consulting NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER Coaching for Work | Business | Life Fall 2009 What’s News… :: Coach’s Corner :: Ask the Coach! :: In the Professional Spotlight :: Quotes On…   Welcome to the Fall 2009 NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER.   I’ve always found that awareness is the first step toward creating change. So in this issue I offer […]

Clearly Communicate Expectations

I must be easily amazed. Two posts ago I wrote about how amazed I was at leaders who put up with poor performers. In this post, I want to express my amazement at how many leaders think their employees know what is expected of them. Whenever I’m faced with an employee performance issue, the first […]

Why Are You Putting Up with Poor Performers?!?!

I’m simply amazed at leaders, managers and business owners who put up with poor performers (I’m not talking about you, of course). Maybe I can reframe the situation and see if I can help those leaders think any differently about it. Imagine it’s not a poor performer working for your company but instead a person, […]

Enjoy Engage Extend

I tweeted recently about one way to look at (and create) happiness that employs three pieces: 1. Enjoyment – this has to do with pleasure and doing things we enjoy (eating chicken wings, watching a movie…) 2. Engagement – this involves doing what we’re good at; using our talents (singing, playing drums, making people laugh…) […]

2009 Summer Newsletter

  Response-Able Consulting                                                    NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER   Coaching for Work | Business | Life                                                            Summer 2009     What’s News… :: Coach’s Corner :: Ask the Coach! :: In the Professional Spotlight :: Quotes On…     Welcome to our Summer 2009 NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER. This issue is all about stop, drop (what you’re doing) and check-in.   And it’s about beginning a […]

2009 Spring Newsletter

Response-Able Consulting                              NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER Coaching for Work | Business | Life Spring 2009 What’s News… :: Coach’s Corner :: Divorce Coaching 4 Men :: In the Professional Spotlight :: Quotes On… Dear Paul, Welcome to our Spring 2009 NEWS-you-can-use-LETTER. This issue includes information to help you stay focused regardless of your circumstances. Let’s face it, there will always […]