Our Testimonials

Here is what some people are saying about Paul and Response-Able Consulting…

I have known Paul a very long time and can always count on him. Besides being a wonderful person, Paul is an outstanding consultant. He delivers quality work, is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and knows how to please his clients. I had the good fortune of leveraging his capabilities/experience for one of my accounts. He did an incredible job, under tough circumstances, and now the client can’t wait for another opportunity to bring him back in. I would absolutely recommend Paul for any coaching, training and communications work.

Paul McGinnis is an insightful listener, effective collaborator and inspiring leader. He is a doer, ready to roll up his sleeves and get down and dirty — literally and figuratively — for the greater good. His quick humor is a delightful bonus.

Paul served as the Master Training for my Intensive Coaching Training program by the NeuroLeadership Group. Paul led additional training and business development sessions — centered around the neuroscience of leadership — and was magnificent. I have been a trainer and educator for over fifteen years and Paul is clearly one of the very best I have seen. He is a motivated and focused individual — obviously continuously striving for deeper expertise in the subject matter at hand. Paul is an extremely strong thinker with a clear passion toward learning and growing. He is able to critically analyze complex scenarios and develop visionary, yet practical solutions, to the most difficult of problems presented by the learning group. Perhaps Paul’s most valuable characteristic, however, is his character and his integrity. He maintained the utmost integrity and professionalism throughout the training processes and beyond — into his leadership role. I heartily recommend Paul — he is extraordinary.

Paul is a mensch!

He brought a sense of integrity and authenticity to our team that really helped synthesize the North American Region of the Neuroleadership Group. With Paul’s excellent facilitation our team developed our key principles: • Authentic • Evolutionary • Integrity • Professionalism • Unity.
I can say Paul lives up to these principles in all of his interactions. I throughly enjoy working with Paul and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

I have had the honor of being trained by Paul on (2) separate occasions while in the Pathways program for my coaching certification through the NeuroLeadership Group. To say he did a great job would be understating his skills as Paul is a masterful trainer and coach. What resonated with me the most when we first met was that he is very genuine, humble and is passionate about his craft. Characteristics that make people want to learn from you. Definitely an asset to the NLG team; my mentor and friend – I look forward to working with him in the future.

Paul trained a batch of us in Chicago. He was building our skills and helping us become executive coaches. To me Paul came across as a very authentic individual who loves what he is doing. He made me comfortable in a group setting and facilitated a wonderful session. He persevered with this bunch and made us ready for coaching exams! He is open to feedback and constantly strives to deliver value. I will not hesitate to attend any session taken by Paul – I do hope I will have the privilege to attend his sessions in future!

As a consultant, coach and HR professional with more than 30 years under the belt, I have been to many presentations and seminars during my career so I often that I find them …well, a bit boring. Not so with Paul McGinniss’s presentation of “Taming the Animal Brain”. His presentation was engaging, full of useful, current illustrations, and thoroughly interactive. I was also impressed with Paul’s attention to each and every member of his audience. He is an extraordinary facilitator.

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