Why Are You Putting Up with Poor Performers?!?!

I’m simply amazed at leaders, managers and business owners who put up with poor performers (I’m not talking about you, of course).

Maybe I can reframe the situation and see if I can help those leaders think any differently about it.

Imagine it’s not a poor performer working for your company but instead a person, we’ll call him Henry*, dating your daughter (play along with me).

Would you allow Henry:

  • to continually show up late for dates and keep your daughter waiting?
  • to make promises to your daughter that he routinely broke or simply forgot?
  • to show up at your house to pick up your daughter and then sit on the couch watching TV while ignoring her?
  • to continually let your daughter pick up the tab?
  • to give the bare minimum while your daughter gave 100%?

I’m hoping you’re getting the point by now.

In this (and ANY) economy, no business can afford to keep poor performers. Poor performance may happen occasionally, but poor performers are an altogether different story.

There were 247,000 (non-farm) jobs shed in July 2009 in the US. Not all of these were “Henrys”. Some, perhaps many, were hard-working people or even valuable employees. They’re out there right now, looking for work, while your “Henry” is chatting up a storm in the lunchroom about last night’s episode of “Houswives…” or grabbing another smoke or updating his Facebook account — all on your time (and dime).

Why are you putting up with Henry?

Find the right position for Henry or start progressive discipline (if you haven’t) or follow it (if you have) and pave the way for your next superstar. Now is the time to address your staffing needs!

You’ll be happy, your remaining staff will be happy, your customers will be happy. Heck, your daughter might even find true love with your new superstar!

*My apologies to the hard-working Henrys of the world.

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