Identifying Your Niche

Along the lines of helpful articles and tips, this comes from Jim Paterson and the September 2008 issue of “Counseling Today.” While I’m a coach and not a counselor, I found this shadowbox article (on page 54) valuable to any business owner.

In his article, Jim identifies “six key points to consider before choosing a specialty”:

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Choose a passion
  3. Understand the niche
  4. Size things up (make sure it’s viable)
  5. Know where to go
  6. Consider more than one niche

I’d add one key point: picking a niche is simply a way to market yourself and help your network and potential clients identify you. It’s about marketing, not sales!

Picking a niche will not shrink your actual client pool or limit your ability to close sales. In fact, it will do just the opposite. By marketing yourself in a distinct way as a specialist, you make it easier for people to remember you, identify you, and recommend you.

People generally won’t disregard you as an option if you’re service does not exactly match what they want IF they are impressed by you and your message. You’ll probably hear things like, “I know you work with <specialty> but here’s my situation…. Would you consider working with me, too?”

At this point, you’re marketing has already done it’s job. Whether you make the sale is up to you!

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