On Character

Here’s what our clients have to say about Paul, our president, and our suite of services.

On Character…

“Too often our best thoughts are saved for our friends and colleagues’ obituaries. I’m glad to be able to say today and publicly, ‘My life is richer for having shared it with Paul. He is a man of integrity and uncommon honesty. I trust him and am glad to call him friend.’” –Ted Haegele, Director, Development Operations and Central Donor Records, JTS

“I have had the pleasure of working with Paul McGinniss in several capacities. I know him mostly as a poet, singer, songwriter, and friend. He is honest, reliable, generous, enthusiastic, and talented. We have participated in poetry readings, musical events and fundraisers together. He is always happy to give of himself asking for nothing in return. Paul has a charm and an energy that reaches out to an audience and beyond.” –Yolanda Coulaz, Vice President, Outrider Security, Inc./Editor, Purple Sage Press

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