Communications Testimonials

We provide content development and copywriting services to small- and mid-sized businesses (and sometimes to individuals). If you need to create something in writing, call us. Our customers are satisfied.

“Paul not only does great work, but he is great to work with. His writing is clear and concise and his work style is easy-going and honest. Paul is definitely someone you want on your team.” –Emily Kozlow, Founder, E.R.K. Coaching

“Paul McGinniss is a talented and motivated individual. He has a creative mind which allows him to view a situation from many-faceted viewpoints. My experiences with Mr. McGinniss have been positive; he is a resourceful, highly motivated thinker who excels in people skills through individual performance. He is outgoing, energetic, and I value his opinions greatly. He’s also a terrific writer with a clearly defined imagination.” –J R Turek, writer, poet

“Paul McGinniss is a professional! He helped me put my resume together and every human resources person who saw my resume said they were impressed by it. Thank you Paul, for your support!!” –Ana I. Crespo, Executive Assistant


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