Training Testimonials

We help small companies resolve their training and development challenges. We specialize in creating training for proprietary systems. We know how to talk ‘tech’ and English.

“Paul is a fantastic trainer who helped my team of international sales reps conquer their technology fears and learn to master all the business tools we have available. He was clear, knowledgeable, resourceful, and always patient with my team. He was an absolute joy to work with and I can’t recommend him highly enough.” –Bob Michel, VP International Sales

“I had the opportunity to meet Paul and collaborate on a new project for Time Inc. shortly before he left. Paul is thorough, available, open, articulate, honest and displays amazing integrity in his approach. As a vendor, it is unusual to work with someone as committed to detail and results and who remains open to new and different solutions than initially visioned. Paul is a pleasure to work with and I certainly hope I will have that opportunity in the future. He is a strong leader, has a strong sense of self, is reliable and has an uncanny ability to move things forward with little fanfare. He’s results-oriented.” –Peggy Bier, President, The Career Development Team, Inc.

“Paul McGinnis was such a valuable asset to us at Time Warner Book Group. His ability to tailor his training to all levels of employees was indispensable. He also was able to quickly assess a department’s capabilities and tailor his demonstration to its needs. In short, I find Paul McGinnis to be an impressive professional with the necessary compassion and dedication to train or coach clients at any stage in their careers.” –Chris Dao, Assistant Director of Publicity, Warner Books


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